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Galatians MP3 Audiobook by Eddie Chumney

The verse-by-verse commentary of the book of Galatians by Avi Ben Mordechai read in MP3 format from a Hebraic perspective. Over 20 hours on one CD

The Passover Seder - MP3 from Dick Reuben Ministries

In this teaching you will view the celebration of the Feast of Passover. It has been long overlooked by the Christian church, thinking its observance was for the Jew only. This is a full presentation of a Messianic Passover Seder that was celebrated at Brownsville Assembly of God, 15 months before the now famous Father's Day Outpouring. Share with us this rich heritage of "Our Passover Lamb, who takes away the sin of the world". If you have desired to understand or participate in a Messianic Passover celebration, this teaching will provide that ability for you. Follow along with Dick Reuben as he ministers though the Passover Seder. The relevance of the Passover teaching is far greater than a once a year celebration. You will desire to partake of precious feast as you realize the truth it holds in our Messiah Jesus Christ. Also available from Dick Reuben Ministries: Messianic Passover Haggadah. The Haggadah is the companion book for any Passover Feast. Contained in the Haggadah are instructions, prayers, and explanations for your Passover celebration.

Mother of the Messiah: A Bible Study on Mary MP3 by Dr. Pitre (Note from Talmidim Publishing: This is Catholic but great for research understandings)

Are Catholic teachings on Mary really biblical? Or are they just the "traditions of men"? Is she truly the "Mother of God" or just the mother of Jesus? Did she actually remain a virgin her whole life or do the "brothers of Jesus" refer to her other children? By praying to Mary, are Catholics "worshiping" her? And why are these points of doctrine relevant to securing a proper understanding of Jesus Christ?

In this three part Bible study, Dr. Pitre will take you step by step through Sacred Scripture from the Garden of Eden to the Book of Revelation and show just how amazingly Biblical the Catholic Church's teaching on Mary really is. As usual, Dr. Pitre will use the Old Testament and Ancient Judaism to unlock how the Bible itself teaches that Mary is nothing less than the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the New Eve, and the New Ark of the Covenant. This is the mother of all Bible studies!

BIBLIOLOGY: The Doctrine of the Scriptures by Dr. Fruchtenbaum MP3

This is the foundation for all other divisions of theological study. It is a systematic examination of the supernatural origin, authority, terminology, preservation and other characteristics of the Scriptures.

THEOLOGY PROPER: The Doctrine of God by Dr. Fruchtenbaum MP3

This division covers God's existence, personality, names, attributes, Plurality of the Godhead, Unity of the Godhead, and Trinity of the Godhead, concluding with a study of the works of God the Father.

CHRISTOLOGY: The Doctrine of the Son by Dr. Fruchtenbaum MP3

This study explores the prophecies of Christ's first coming, His deity, humanity, Incarnation, and the God-Man concept, as well as the theological implications of the Messiah's life, death and resurrection.

Messiah in Jewish Tradition Study Bundle by Dr. Michael Brown MP3

In this special bundle, Dr. Brown discusses the Messiah in Jewish tradition. This resource package contains, The Messiah Texts: Jewish Legends of Three Thousand Years text book, course notes,and the Messiah in Jewish Tradition MP3 teaching series.

Gospels and Acts Through JewishEyes MP3

Many people read the Gospels and believe that they understand them fairly well. However, our estimate is that most western Bible students grasp only 30% of what the biblical record contains, due to limitations in their exposure to the Jewish culture. In an exciting series of lessons stretching over a year, the rabbi reveals "the rest of the story" and explains many amazing insights about the words, activities, customs and traditions of those who lived during the time of the gospels which can only be understood within a Jewish framework. Passage by passage, the rabbi systematically addresses the cultural and traditional events and activities of the Gospels and brings amazing new understanding to your study in each lesson.

Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design - Part 1: The Macrocosm - Astrophysical Evidence MP3

Part one of a three-part series which presents empirical evidence for intelligent design. Boldly goes where few secular scientists have been willing to go before. In generations past, the emerging scientific community challenged centuries of previously held beliefs because newer evidence outweighed earlier information. However, with the advent of more precise scientific instrumentation and the rapid pace of discoveries in our modern world, evidence is arising which seems to point toward intelligent design, by "an intelligence of such superiority, that compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.” (Einstein). Today, many scientists have abandoned their most basic calling: to examine all empirical data without prejudice toward any one position and to present their findings for critical analysis by their peers and by the public.

Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith MP3

There is a growing hunger among Christians to know from whence they came... to learn of their Jewish roots (Romans 11:17, 18) and to look at the Bible “through Jewish eyes” to add richness (Romans 11:12) to their understanding and to their lives.

This audio series will provide you with the tools to understand your own beliefs in a far more profound way than ever before. A growing number of pastors and teachers are drawing upon this valuable resource so that they may be better equipped to “rightly divide the Word of truth.”(2 Timothy 2:15).

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